Experience Service Beyond the Box!

Mac repair has been our specialty since 1991 and Signature Mac is Fort Wayne’s only locally owned Apple Authorized Service Provider. We employ some of the area’s most knowledgable, talented and certified technicians to troubleshoot and service your Mac, iPad or iPhone. We perform most repairs locally & can help you with both warranty covered & out of warranty Apple products. No appointment is needed, simply bring in your device to go over your repair options.

Authorized Service Options on All Apple Devices!





“HELP, My Apple device needs repaired!

What should I expect? How should I prepare?”

No Appointment Needed!

Feel free to call ahead with any questions you may have, but you will not need to setup an
appointment to have your device repaired at Signature Mac. We have a walk-in location with front
door parking. If you need assistance, we can even carry it in for you!

What information will we need?

To perform service, we will need your Name, Phone, Address, Email, Apple ID (to correctly reload software)

& device password. We will have you explain the issues you are having and note them for the technician.

Turnaround Time:

3-5 Business Days for most repairs that require a replacement part. Software installations or system maintenance can typically

be completed in 1-2 business days. At check-in, we can better set this expectation for your specific repair.

Backup your Data!

We ALWAYS recommend performing a full backup of your system on a daily basis, but especially before bringing in your device

for repair if possible. Some troubleshooting steps require a wipe of your hard drive or iOS Device. If your hard drive is failing and requires

replacement, it will be loaded to factory settings. We can backup or migrate your data for you for an additional fee, though if your hard

drive is failing it will require recovery which can be costly and time consuming. As a precaution, frequent data backup is encouraged!

Have more questions about our Service process? Call us at 260-484-4634 or email us at Service@SignatureMac.com

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